Monday, July 31, 2006

Yellowfin Tuna Florentine

… tho you might be fooled what w/ the deluxe aqua can and the name of this prod for cats: Yellowfin Tuna Florentine in a delicate sauce w/ garden greens, part of a new line by Fancy Feast called elegant medleys. ball, my Siamese guy, is the fussiest diner on 4 legs (a condition for which I cannot be held responsible, since he was already that way when I adopted him from the shelter), so I’m always trying to find food that’ll please His Nibs. but doesn't this seem totally stupid? what cat gives a sh*t about whether he’s eating yellowfin or albacore?? yet here’s the sick thing: ball looooved this. loved its creamy sauce, its spinach shreds, ate all the #$& yellowfin in the bowl. but here's a surprise not: this stuff goes for .79 vs the .50 that regular fancy feast costs

Back to people stuff tomorrow

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ice Cream Ireland

If someone sez something nice about you, then the thing to do is say something nice about someone else (once you stop preening, of course). So here it is: Ice Cream Ireland, one of my fave Other Food Blogs, written by one Kieran Murphy who seems to live a NYCE kind of life: He owns Murphys, a pair of ice cream/coffee shops in killarney and dingle (or is it an daingean? the controversy brews) where he makes his own ice creams, is diligent re: coffee, and blogs about it informatively.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

dreyer's, new limited flavors zzz

if at this point, it feels like, oh new dreyers ice cream flavor zzzz who cares, remember that ice cream is one of the foundations of this blog; and w/ summer on the wane, the new product stream is starting to dry up. (so there won't be many more new flavors to report, see.) Besides, these are so new, they’re not even on the website yet – how newsworthy is that? none of the 3 new ltd-edition flavors – cinnamon, coconut pineapple, and banana nut – are truly novel … dreyer’s parlor line (for 3rd party vendors who sell it by the cone) has coco pineapple and cinnamon. and HD has coco pineapple. and blue bunny has cinnamon. and baskin-robbins has banana nut. But these flavors are new-ish to smkts and that’s interesting, as is the fact that they’re all sorta light & fruity & summery

*foto is actually ltd-edition root beer cuz these flavors = so new, no fotos yet

Friday, July 21, 2006

M-Azing Minis

It appears that the mgr of the Indian/pastry shop - which was gonna be today’s item - isn’t gonna call me back (doesn’t he realize how important NYCE is???), so this new prod is a last-minute sub-out, one sufficiently odd to make fun of: M-Azing minis: "individually-wrapped bite-sized choc candies w/ m&ms minis mixed in". How insane is this? 1. They take m&ms, originally devised w/ a candy shell so you could eat them out of hand. 2. Shrink them. 3. Stir into choc (a bar form exists of this). 4. Make that bite-sized and wrap in foil. Nuts! Maybe it’s to compete w/ the hershey’s kiss? Anyway, it comes in 2 flavs, PB & crunchy, and as long as we’re kissing m&m’s ass, they’ve launched (the previously special-edition-only) dark-choc m&ms as a year-round product.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

NOW Restaurant

Remember Johnny Orleans across from the Quadrangle? That place mysteriously lasted like for yrs. Replacing it: the new NOW Restaurant. Chef Heath Millett (good name for a chef!) and his financier uncle Mitch have basically cloned Never on Wednesday (=NOW, ya folla?), a place they had last yr in palm springs (which called "campy and fun"). Haven’t tried the food but the menu comes off as generically upscale w/ pizzas, burgers, & entrees such as NY strip au poivre and the pretentious-sounding "French tilapia w/ sauteed spinach and mac&cheez" (whaddya spose makes it French?). It duz do a vegetarian wrap w roasted red pep, mushroom, & baby spinach, but it comes w/ fries, making one wonder about the insight into vegetarianism here. But hey, the wine's way cheap

Friday, July 14, 2006

ghirardelli intense dark gourmet choc bars

now that the dark choc trend has about peaked, w/ everybody & his brother doing fancy dark-choc bars that are purportedly good for you, here's more of the same: ghirardelli intense dark gourmet choc bars*. ghirardelli is the pride of SFits factory is a big tourist hang - but its choc's never been all that. but when everyone else started doing better-quality choc, it did finally cave in w/its worthy 60% choc chips. so rah rah for them. These bars come in 4 flavors: espresso, toffee, orange, & plain – and have G's signature square format, just fused in a bar form

*and btw, I know these aren’t brand new but I finally bought one and took a pic

Monday, July 10, 2006

Blue Bell Strawberry Shortcake ice cream

between its predilection for making completely-average ice cream and its exorbitant prices (not to mention its unjustified rep as a font of greatness), it’s hard to resist any opp to take a swipe at blue bell. But one also hates to appear biased (har) or god forbid predictable, so let’s just lay this out there, judgment-free: Blue Bell Strawberry Shortcake ice cream, w/ vanilla ice cream (what else, for chrissake, it is, after all blue bell) blended w strawbs, chunks of pound cake, & a whipped topping swirl (not even "whipped cream", but effing cool whip, can you believe that shit). And again, without judgment, let’s list alllllllll the other strawb flavors BB already makes: banana strawb, choc covered strawb, strawb & vanilla, strawb chzcake, and of course plain strawb

Thursday, July 06, 2006

frutzzo pomegranate acai juice

F U consume food or drink at all, you’ve heard of pomegranate. F U stay up on sprouty healthy stuff, you’ve also heard of acai (which it turns out is pronounced AH-sigh-EE, not ah-KYE, as I’ve been mis-pronouncing it), made from an exotic Amazonian berry and said to have healing-nutritional powers. Acai is a bitter mouthful unless you doctor it up w/ sugar and-or other flavors. God bless ‘em, Frutzzo Pomegranate Acai gives it 2 U pretty much straight: pom+acai+pear juice. Frutzzo, a small co. outa MN, was a pioneer on the acai front and good 4 them; but even for someone who can do bitter, this is a stretch (tho irreproachably good-4-U). I did what jamba does: blended it w/ blueberries & froz bananas into a fmoovie