Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ye Shire Tavern

Can you imagine opening a restaurant-bar and actually calling it Ye Shire Tavern? it takes a certain sensibility to go for such a goofy, faux-medieval name. a sensibility like dale wamstad, the colorful restaurateur whose ventures include III Forks. Ye Shire - may we call it Ye? - is casual/masculine, open lunch & dinner, w/ a big offbeat menu: chick breast, crawfish savannah (AKA etouffee), trout, fish & chips, RB sandwich, deviled eggs, and trifle, w/ most items about $10, the exception being the $25 prime rib. "Ye" is part of a wamstad-owned complex at 190 & Jupiter – not so far from NYCE HQ - which while-we-are-grateful is a kinda-weird part of town to do a development. Lemme put it this way: you don’t see too many starbucks over here. Not yet. But the center already has one of his silver fox steakhouses and there’s more places coming soon

3600 Shire Blvd, Richardson 972-881-7570

Friday, October 27, 2006

Starbucks: MAPLE

What better way to end the week, w/ exciting news for New England natives or those who like new-england-type flavors: starbucks’ newest flavor is maple. It can be had as a maple latte, maple frappuccino, or – the drink that starbucks is pushing – a maple macchiato which, aside from its alliterative prowess, has a higher proportion of espresso, prob to help cut the sweetness that inherently goes w/ maple flavoring which they call "maple sauce". (doesn’t sound like 100% maple syrup, does it. which, while wholesome, has a subtle flavor.) us maple fans are grateful starbucks decided to roll out maple at all stores (it was originally intro’d last year in New England only)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Luna Sunrise nutrition bar

Are protein bars a girl thing? Luna Sunrise nutrition bar, a relatively newish but not brand new product, certainly is. It’s not only targeted to women, it’s targeted to women for breakfast. so, what makes these bars - which come in 3 flavors, strawb cream, blueberry yogurt, vanilla almond - "breakfasty", you ask? The answer: "whole grains"and "omega 3". being a girl, I’m a total sucker for these. love the flavors, love that they’re magically good 4 U, love the drizzled icing. yet hate pop tarts; are pop tarts a boy thing?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

braum's pumpkin ice cream

braum’s pumpkin ice cream is not brand-new nor is it available everywhere. (apologies to the reader from carson, calif.) it’s not as if pumpkin is even innovative; lots of ice cream makers make it, along w/ other seasonal flavors like eggnog. But there’s so little good ice cream in the dallas area that why-don't-we-give braum's a shout-out. The co. has its own cows, processing plant, bakery -- it even raises the crops the cows eat, and it won’t open a store 300 miles beyond its HQ in tuttle, OK. I don’t 100% love all its flavors but in the pumpkin, "pumpkin puree" is listed as ingred #4 (1. milk 2. cream 3. sugar) and the flavor's very pumpkiny -- almost not even sweet -- w/ a little textural grit to affirm that it has pumpkin in there

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

on hiatus

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Texas Palominas Buffet

New in Richardson: Texas Palominas Buffet. Which you might say, oh, another buffet, thanks but I love golden corral too much to stray. But Texas Palominas Buffet promises to be different, good, better. it comes from a guy who used to be involved w/ the fadi’s chain, and they’re not so bad, are they? It’s described as a "las vegas style" buffet (i.e., big-big-big) w/ everything made from scratch, bakery on site, and daily-changing menu w/ 200+ items. Oh and it has theme nights. Tue = Tex-mex. Mon & Thu = BBQ. Wed & Fri = seafood. It’s $6.99 at lunch, $8.59 dinner. Two branches already exist in Arlington & Sherman; this is the third.

100 S. Central Expy (@ Beltline / Main), 972-479-1771

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Love Sushi*

Do U love sushi? That’s what you call a totally lame lede. Lame, cuz it 1. cheaply echoes the name of the restaurant and 2. comes in a question format. If you ever wonder to yourself, "is the story I’m reading well written or izzit a piece o' crap?", just check and see if it has a ? lede, cuz that almost-always = piece o' crap. Anyway, I Love Sushi is a new place in no. dallas which offers all-u-can-eat sushi. all-u-can-eat sushi is another signpost, not unlike the ? lede. For some, "all-u-can-eat" provokes frenzied palm-rubbing and lip-smacking; for others, it indicates that the sushi might not be good. As ever, no personal testimony here, xcept to say that the presentation is said 2B eye-catching, w/ revolving trays in which you point to what you want; and that the brother-&-sister Korean owners, who have a same-named sushi spot in denton, seem very sweet.

18101 preston rd. #101, 972-248-2100

*doesn't the name seem like it should have a heart symbol instead of "love"?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mug & Mouse

Mug & Mouse, an independently-run coffee house, opened in aug in frisco, where it serves Lavazza coffee along w/ sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, slushies (made w/ fruit juice), and bubble tea (tho they’ll add the tapioca pearls to any cold drink). What distinguishes M&M from the usual independently-run coffee place is that it started out as a gaming clan of sorts, then evolved into an independenty-run coffee place. thus prevails a gaming vibe; for ex, it’s a LAN ctr so you can go and play vidgames w/ other customers. assuming you are 15 and semi-geeky-techy. being somewhat of a suburban kid thing, it keeps wild hours, from 5 a.m. to midnight on wkends. it's down a side street behind Ikea but a city rec ctr's going in across the street so maybe it'll do better than some of the other independently-run coffee places that seem to close almost as quickly as they open*

5995 Preston Rd. #105, Frisco. 1-469-362-8590

*which is why i'm sorry writing about a certain coffee chain is more gratifying than the little guys