Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sprinkles cupcakes

Remember when this blog used to be updated every day? and when it had original material? jeepers. big plans for this wk, tho (ice cream prods to share). but onto cupcakes, a trend that hasn't really hit dallas but maybe will w/ the March arrival of Sprinkles, a cupcake co. from bev hills. cupcakes seize some people's imaginations; there are numerous blogs devoted to cupcakes. it's a visual thing and a miniature thing. anyway Magnolia came first, in 1996 (and got the SATC mention) but Sprinkles is the one coming to D (specifically, to preston center).

4020 Villanova Drive no fone yet

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's a Grind

hell yeah it's a grind when you live in dallas and can't see driving all the way to frisco for a cup of joe. but if you live in frisco (and more & more people do), you'll welcome this new outlet of a small chain based in Long Beach CA, called It's a Grind. owner Marchand Froschheuser lived in cali and craved a change from the IT world in which she previously resided. the website claims that IaG's "upholstered wingback chairs, cozy fireplace, blues and jazz motif, and music" make it "an atmosphere unlike any other coffee house" which uh ok whatever. their main asset is that they are willing to bring the usual espresso-based drinks to the wilds of frisco, even as the paving of the nearby tollway continues apace

6959 Lebanon Rd. #100, Frisco 75034. (972) 782-2527. open 6 a.m. every day!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coco Fresh Vietnamese*

in the thick of the asian-fest that is Walnut Street in Garland, Coco Fresh Vietnamese stands out: a streamlined spot whose unique mix of goodies embodies a multi-culti fusion: turkey sandwiches + banh mi, espresso + Vietnamese coffee, tapioca-pearl bevs + fruit smoothies (incl. durian & soursop flavors), and super-creamy homemade ice cream in flavors from coffee to avocado. Coco Fresh was opened by Duyet Truong, who lists his studies at the French Culinary School in NY and the San Francisco Bacon Institute (which has no website; you suppose he studied bacon?).

4425 w walnut st #301 (@ plano rd), garland, 866-417-6493

*website seems to be down