Tuesday, May 17, 2005

haagen dazs (again. sorry)

jeez, more haagen dazs fluff. what can i say, they’re coming out with a lot of new stuff; it’s almost summer; ice cream is a cornerstone of this blog; get off my back. These merit mention cuz they’re regular new ice creams (unlike HD’s cheezy repackaged Desserts Extraordinaire line, but I digress). ok, new flavors are: 1. vanilla bean (there’s also a new dreyer’s Double Vanilla; vanilla vanilla vanilla BIG in ice cream). 2. vanilla fudge brownie (yawn). 3. almond hazelnut swirl (almond ice cream, almonds, choc-hazelnut swirl). 4. triple chocolate (choc ice cream, fudge swirl, fudge truffle pieces). and 5. caramel cone (caramel ice cream, caramel swirl, choc-covered cone pieces). ok maybe a sabbatical now on haagen dazs, unless they intro more new products, that is


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