Thursday, May 05, 2005

affogato: word of the week

italian for "drowned," it refers to a drink-slash-dessert wherein an ice creamy product is "drowned" with booze, espresso, or both. locally, it first turned up a couplo yrs ago at Gelato Paradiso, at mockingbird station, where they drown gelato w/ liqueur. they were ahead of their time, cuz this is Affogato Summer, babe. Paciugo just intro'd a really good version, Affogato Al Caffe, where they're topping gelato with espresso (they even ordered special mugs). "affogato" got shout-outs in the may ish of Bon Appetit (spotlighting Italy), and starbucks is offering its frappuccinos "affogato style," where they blenderize the drink, then pour over a shot of espresso. paciugo + bon appetit + sbucks = 3, and as we all know, three makes a trend.


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