Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the sandwich thing

“Gourmet” sandwiches first arrived like two years ago, and the trend won't quit. Potbelly keeps opening branches (one in FW), as does our local chain Which Wich (Galleria and Uptown, where Quizno’s was, by Tin Star), Starbucks adds new flavors (egg salad), everyone’s into it, even 7-11, whose new samwiches include turkey on cheddar-jalapeno bread (whoa, just like eatzi's), ham w/ cappicola on Jewish rye, and Buffalo-style chicken on "country white Artesian" bread. Hmf, Artesian – you suppose they mean “artisan”? Hey, whatever. If it means there’s better sandwiches at 7-11, by all means.


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