Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vickery Park

Is there a hotter location right now than Henderson, what w/Tei Tei, Fireside Pies, Hibiscus, Hector’s etc? (that's rhetorical, the answer is no.) Vickery Park, a new restaurant-bar, scored a site in the thick of it, where Big Fish Little Fish used to be. For now, VP is still in "soft opening" mode, so it’s just a few snacks, but these ain’t no chicken wings: mussels in champagne lemon-butter garlic sauce, grilled vegs, Dos Equis ribs, pizzas w/ housemade dough. With chef Eric Najera from the Green Room in the kitchen, there’ll be a full menu, altho Vickery Park will always be lounge first, restaurant second. It’s already a big hang for the service industry, a late-nite drop-in for chefs and servers who work on the street.

2810 N. Henderson Ave, 214-827-1432


At June 04, 2005 9:13 AM, Anonymous curious george said...

Thanks for this news. Do you have any info on Lush, the new place on Lowest Greenville. GuideLive lists it under bars and attractions, but sez it has an Asian-fusion menu. I'm dying to go, but since you have to walk through a space that's cooled to 27 degrees, maybe I'll wait until I can wear my winter coat.

At June 05, 2005 11:16 AM, Blogger TG said...

well Lush is from Russ Vandeveerdonk, whose greater expertise lies in nightclubs (Area 51, Go Lounge). his last foray into the nightclub-with-asian-fusion-cuisine realm was euphoria in downtown dallas, and the food wasn't great. in this case, i think "asian fusion" stands for sushi that's NSG.

At June 08, 2005 11:36 PM, Blogger david said...

dropped in to VP about a month ago. all service industry and friends; good place. kind of like the monk before the pretty people found it...


At August 10, 2005 3:48 PM, Anonymous Dean said...

Vickery Park is a kewl, kewl, place. Why? Because I said so.

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