Monday, May 02, 2005

Sprouts comes to texas

It’s a little like David taking on Goliath but Sprouts, a natural food store chain based in Arizona with a dozen or so stores in AZ and CA, will open its first TX store in Plano at the corner of Legacy and Coit (as spotted by the Plano guy). Sprouts was launched by Stan Boney, a health-food store vet who founded Boney’s and ran Henry’s, two Calif chains. He sold out to Wild Oats (the tragic little guy in the natural-foods industry that everyone seems to rape and plunder) in 1999 and signed a non-compete clause, but that expired and so sprouted Sprouts. It has the usuals: organic produce, bulk bins, vitamins, natural meats, fancy cheezes, but is said to be cheaper than WF. In any case, it’s a lot closer for Plano eastsiders than driving all the way to friggin Preston & Park. opening is set for july; address & phone coming soon


At May 02, 2005 1:31 PM, Blogger Twisted Link said...

This would make a great addition to the Bishop Arts District. it'd be goddamned fabulous, in fact. Are you reading this blog, dude?


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