Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Super Suppers

that photo (above) is quite heartwarming, isn't it. it's "borrowed" tee-hee from the website of super suppers:

"an entrée assembly program designed to save moms (and dads) time and effort in serving great meals to their families"

sounds yummy, huh. it's one of those pre-fab meal-in-a-bag deals where you take it home and stick it in the oven. Super Suppers comes from Judie Byrd, of the Culinary School of Fort Worth, and opens may 10, selling items such as "Fish in a Flash" and "Happy Family Chicken." actual family not included. to their credit, Super Suppers has two employees with the names "teresa", spelled the correct way, no H.

1906 Abrams Parkway Dallas, TX 75214 214-821-9955


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